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The EMPO Project   
Elect Mediators to Public Office
Better government through non-adversarial resolution of differences
EMPO endorses mediator-candidates

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Endorsement by the EMPO Project

The EMPO Project offers its public endorsement to candidates who meet either of the following criteria:

  • Information is contained on the candidate's campaign website that identifies the candidate as having received training as a mediator or who otherwise has experience in mediation.

  • A statement is included on the candidate's campaign website similar to the following: "I advocate the use of mediation and other interest-based methods of dispute resolution in government, with the goal of reducing partisanship, polarization, and unnecessarily adversarial practices."
Endorsed candidates are asked to: Elect Mediators to Public Office
  • Place the EMPO Endorsement Seal on their campaign websites, linked to


  • Place the following statement on their campaign websites "Endorsed by the Elect Mediators to Political Office Project" linked to to support other mediators running for public office.
Why accept EMPO's endorsement?
  1. The EMPO Project is #1 on search engines for relevant terms — click each to test today's results on Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

  2. The EMPO Project will send a personalized news release announcing its endorsement to your campaign chairperson, which can be forwarded to news media and used in other publicity.

  3. Emphasize to your constituency that you possess the skills and knowledge to work cooperatively with others once in office to reduce the polarized partisanship so evident in government today — one of the most severe public criticisms of politicians.

  4. The EMPO Project will issue occasional press releases, bringing public attention to the need to elect candidates who have the knowledge and skills to resolve disputes in a manner that serves the public interest.

  5. The EMPO Project will soon launch an initiative to establish links to the list of endorsed candidates from hundreds of mediator-friendly websites throughout the Internet.

  6. Additional initiatives are being planned to bring public and constituent attention to the candidacies of mediators, regardless of party affiliation.