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The EMPO Project   
Elect Mediators to Public Office
Better government through non-adversarial resolution of differences
EMPO endorses mediator-candidates

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How to Help

The EMPO Project does not accept financial contributions.

But there are other ways to help elect mediators to public office:
  1. Tweet. Follow ElectMediators on Twitter and re-tweet EMPO's tweets to your followers.

  2. Elect Mediators to Public Office Place a link on your website (such as the phrase "Elect Mediators to Public Office") to or directly to the page of endorsed candidates at — and encourage your friends and colleagues to do the same. Permission is hereby granted to place the EMPO logo (shown to the right and in the page header) on your site, linked to the EMPO home page.

  3. Send information about our effort (including this website address) to local or national media — newspapers, radio/TV stations, other outlets. Send a link to our press release — mention the names of your local candidates who are mediators.

  4. Search the internet for candidates for any elective office who are mediators and send their campaign website URLs to empo AT hrd200 DOT com. Candidates in any democratic country who have an English-language website qualify for EMPO's endorsement.

  5. Search the internet for newspaper editors and political reporters, and send their email addresses to us to receive our occasional press releases.

  6. Write letters to the editors of your local or national newspapers urging the election of mediators wherever possible to reduce partisanship and polarization. Mention our project and provide web links.

  7. Contact professional associations of mediators and similar fields (local, regional, national, international), informing them about EMPO and urging them to broadcast to their members who may be considering a candidacy for public office that they will have EMPO's endorsement.

  8. Comment on web logs (BLOGs) about this effort, and include a link to the EMPO website.

  9. Tell your family and friends about the Elect Mediators to Public Office project.

  10. Donate money to the campaigns of endorsed mediator-candidates (the EMPO Project does not accept financial contributions, but political campaigns always need money).

  11. Most of all, encourage your local mediators to run for public office!

Can you think of other ways to help elect mediators to public office? Let us know!


Thank you!