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The EMPO Project   
Elect Mediators to Public Office
Better government through non-adversarial resolution of differences
EMPO endorses mediator-candidates

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Press Release


CONTACT: EMPO Project Coordinator
Email: empo AT hrd200 DOT com

The "Elect Mediators to Public Office" Project

"We are concerned about excessive partisanship and polarization in politics and government," said Dan Dana, Ph.D., Founder and retired president of the Mediation Training Institute International. "We believe that having more mediators in public office who possess abilities in non-adversarial resolution of differences will result in better political processes and better government."

The nonpartisan EMPO Project invites candidates of any political party whose campaign websites contain reference to their background in mediation and conflict resolution to send their web address to EMPO for listing at Their campaigns may be for elective office at any level, from local to state to national. Candidates for elective office in other democratic countries also qualify for EMPO's endorsement

On its website, the EMPO Project states that it does not accept financial contributions. "People who support our goals are requested to encourage their local mediators to run for office," says Dana, a mediator and former candidate for the United States House of Representatives. "At the risk of being utopian, we would like to see more mediators than litigators in politics and government. Surely this would lessen the gridlock, polarization, and partisanship we see today."

For information:
Contact: empo AT hrd200 DOT com
Media interviews: Make initial contact by email.

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