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HRD200 Consulting Group, LLC

This LLC was dissolved in 2015 and no longer is in operation.

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International Study Tours for Executives and Professionals

HRD200 arranges Study Tours for groups of three or more individuals who wish to combine professional development with tourism. Instruction may be provided in any of more than 200 HRD topics. Courses may range from one day to ten days in duration. Venues can be located in any city or other point-of-interest in the United States.


Cost is $2000/day inclusive of instruction and reproducible course materials plus $50/person/day plus a one-time $500 course development fee. Any commercial materials (books, instruments, videos, etc.) requested by the Client (program coordinator) are additional (actual cost plus 18%). Or, Client may arrange for purchase/rental/delivery of desired commercial materials.

A nonrefundable deposit* in the amount of the first day's base fee plus the course development fee (total $2500) is payable at least 30 days in advance, at which time HRD200 will commence course development. (The deposit amount and the advance period may be reduced depending on degree of confidence that the program coordinator can ensure that the course will hold.) In the event that the course does not hold due to visa refusals, travel difficulties, or other obstacles encountered by the Client, 80% of the deposit will be credited toward a rescheduled program (same content at same location).

Remaining funds are due at least ten days prior to the first day of the course payable by interbank fund transfer. Instructional services do not begin until balance is received.

Client is responsible for providing the training venue. HRD200 can assist with identifying suitable venues for Clients who are unfamiliar with the city/region at no cost. Alternatively, HRD200 can provide the training venue, lodging, meals, and any touristic events on cost-plus-18% basis. Any amounts paid to hotel venues, etc., must be received by HRD200 in advance of venue commitments.

Client is responsible for trainer's travel to the course location, if required. However, since HRD200's trainers are located throughout the United States, this is generally not necessary. HRD200 can recommend cities/locations where qualified trainers are situated, once course content is determined, to eliminate this expense.

Letters of invitation to facilitate visa applications in the group's home country, if required, will be provided for a flat fee of $200 for up to 25 letters. View this sample letter. (This fee may be waived for Clients who have previously brought groups to the United States.)

Certificates are provided upon conclusion of the course.

Prospective Clients, program organizers, and other group leaders are invited to send email detailing desired program content, preferred destination city, and desired dates.

* Explanation of the deposit requirement: HRD200 must pay our instructors to customize and develop courses in advance of the training, and so must be assured of sufficient income to compensate them, even if the course cancels. The $2500 amount and the 30-day period are negotiable, depending on how "off-the-shelf" the program content is. Most standard leadership/management content can be readily assembled, so these requirements may often be reduced.

HRD200's training consultants are independent contractors who incur "opportunity cost" by committing to a period of time for the course, declining other income-producing opportunities and thereby losing revenue if the course is cancelled. Our most capable and in-demand trainers have more opportunities, and therefor incur more opportunity cost. They must trust HRD200's Managing Consultant to not give them false assurances of the work opportunity, and so HRD200 must assess the certainty of the event before asking them to commit their time.

Prospective Clients are invited to propose terms that take the above into consideration.

E-mail: info AT hrd200 DOT com.
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